Know your farmer, Know your food

13 International Awards

100% Picual variety

High in oleic acid and natural antioxidents.

Straight from Arjonilla

Our olive trees grow in Arjonilla (Jaén), which is where our olive oil is warehoused and packaged.


Personally sent to you from us, without the use of distributors.


Agroecological farming practices.

More flavor and aroma

Extra virgin, cold extraction and soft filtering.

Millenary olive trees

Our olive oil is made from 900 year old olive trees.

Tasting notes

The palate has a smooth and silky entrance with a perfect balance of intense fruit, bitterness and spice (or heat). On the nose, it presents aromas of green grass, tomato, artichoke and berries.

Our family

Living the present, taking care of the future

We are the family’s 6th generation dedicated to a great and important agricultural tradition that communicates love and respect for our land.

These are the values that have been passed down by the different cultures preceding us (Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Hispanics).

We chose to break away from the current social and economic model of becoming a large-scale turnover company in order to preserve the quality of our product.

Our serious commitment to the environment and respect for traditional farming has inspired us to continue practicing alternative agricultural methods. This helps prevent the deterioration of natural resources and the conservation of agro-ecosystems that will uphold life for future generations.



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